Dragon Raja’s 3rd Anniversary Event Contains a New Class, a New Map, Rewards, and More

Dragon Raja, the acclaimed cyberpunk open-world MMORPG, is turning three. 

Developer Archosaur Games is celebrating with a massive haul of third anniversary gifts, including a major update, a whole new class, a new map, and more. 

In case you’ve never played it, Dragon Raja is a sprawling 3D MMORPG for mobile and PC based on a popular series of Chinese Fantasy novels. It boasts a compelling story, a richly drawn cast of characters, and some truly eye-popping visuals. 

Unsurprisingly, Dragon Raja has attracted more that 30 million downloads over the last three years. 

And now would be an excellent time to join the fun, since you’ll get to discover the new content alongside your more experienced counterparts.

First up, we’ll tell you about the new class. Shadow Fencer is an assassin-style foil-wielding warrior that uses a combination of stealth and powerful attacks to wreak havoc behind enemy lines. 

The new Cambridge map, meanwhile, is a fantastical location inspired by the dreaming spires of the world famous University of Cambridge. Except with magical halos and floating buildings. 

This new map comes with an immersive new storyline featuring beloved characters from the game’s existing campaign. They’ll make up a perfect welcoming committee for new players. 

On top of these new features, there’s also a Global Club Carnival event with a $20,000 prize pool, allowing players to earn cash rewards by inviting friends to play. 

Plus, Archosaur Games is currently highlighting some of the great drawings, videos, handicrafts, models, and more that have been created by the game’s most dedicated players throughout the third anniversary event. 

Head to the Dragon Raja Facebook page or Archosaur Games’s website for more info on daily login rewards, exclusive prizes, rewards for returning players, and more.

You can download Dragon Raja for free right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and PC.

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