Dragon vs. Unicorns, Not As Cuddly As You May Think

The Android Market has no shortage of bright and colorful games. Angry Birds, Cut the Rope,Plants vs. Zombie, all casual games that contain characters you’d normally find on Cartoon Networks Saturday morning block. Digital Harmony Games continues the trend with its announcement of Dragon vs. Unicorns which we have reported on but now there is new information about the game.

While the artwork may look familiar, its charming graphics masks what looks to be a violent and bloody warfare between Bunnies and the invading Dragon and company. Judging from the screenshots decapitation and lose of limbs seems to be the norm, complete with bloody splatters and airborne carcasses. If you’re familiar with the series Happy Tree Friends then you’ll fit right in. Don’t get too attached to your loveable bunny army though, as contrary to popular belief they do not burst into rainbows and confetti. Expect a bloody mess of gutted and headless animals.

The game centers around you controlling the bunnies as they incubate an egg that contains “Unicornlings”. No details have been given to what this creatures are but they note to expect for an “extra surprise”. Other army types constitutes of Happy Bunny, and Cuddly Hedgehog (we dare ya) completing the set of adorably named creatures possibly concocted by a five year old. The name may be disarming but keep in mind that you’ll be sending in these creatures to their inevitable deaths.

Gameplay wise, Dragon vs. Unicorns seem to mimic a similar titled game called Plants vs. Zombie. Aside from the name coincidence, Digital Harmony Games also follows the same premise of protecting one side of the field whilst keeping the invaders at bay. Unlike that game however, Dragon vs. Unicorn allows you to launch your cuddly creatures at your foes, in a predetermined route short of Angry Birds.

No further details on the release date but rest assured Digital Harmony Games is hard at work. So for those looking to find an amusing time waster in veins of Plants vs. Zombie should keep an eye out.



Protect the nests and allow bunnies to incubate the eggs to hatch as many Unicornlings as the level waves allow.  If you’re lucky, a Golden Egg will appear, hatching a equally Golden Unicornling for an extra surprise.


1. Cutiepie Unicorn – Joyful master of all things cute.  Can cast up to 5 different abilities ranging from offensive spells to defensive enhancements.
2. Happy Bunny – A lover, not a fighter.  Cheerfully hops over to Unicorn’s nests to incubate the eggs to hatch Unicornlings.
3. Cuddly Hedgehog – Player’s Ball.  Draw a  path to set the hedgehog on a boomerang spree across the field, chopping down all villains in its path.


1. Evil Dragon.  Nasty king of all things awesome.  Commands its minions to do its bidding.
2. Kamikaze Bat – The colony leader.  Flocks the skies with bombs.  Better add some air to your hedgehog ball to take ‘em out…
3. Pepperjack Turtle – He does not like Fraggle Rock.  High defense calls for two hits from the hedgehog ball.
4. Flava Turtle – Follows Pepperjack wherever he goes.
5. Hermit Crabs – Digger of lies.  Look to the ground to see where the crabs may (or may not) scurry out.
6. Eels – Spawned from a feisty magical toad, can coil upon other minions, sacrificing themselves for the greater evil.

Source: DigitalHarmonyGames

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