DreamStudios releases another siege game called Magic Defender

Among all the tower defense games you can find in the Android ecosystem nowadays, there is one that almost every TD development studio has sunk their teeth into: Castle Defense or Siege is a genre that has gone mainstream lately, and that should be no surprise since it’s the perfect fit for both casual and hardcore players. While people might think it all boils down to hitting that touchscreen as fast as you can to get an arrow or bullet through every moving thing out there, there will always be an Upgrade system, or a full arsenal to be unlocked or bought through IAP.

Today’s contribution to the genre is Magic Defender by DreamStudio LLC. For those of you that are not familiar with them, they have had big hits with their previous games Age of War and Epic Defense, both in the Defense/Siege genre. This time they bet on a lot of cool features that will pretty much calm your thirst for defense. With a strange Google Play description, the game basically goes like this:

Even though the gameplay of Magic Defense is the same we have previously seen in games like Chicken Revolution, where you must kill all the enemies before they get your base’s health points to zero, this one relies on a big upgrades and modifications system that offers up a variety of things to do. You get to play with one of 9 different bows, and you can upgrade each one three times by reforging gems into them. You can also make fair use of the game’s currencies (coins and crystals) to upgrade your spells and base’s capabilities, in order to withstand longer and bigger waves of those nasty looking enemies (which may seem a bit repetitive over time, but hey, there is lots of them).

Magic Defender Features:

– Touch screen to shoot arrows.
– Drag and drop spell icon to release a magic.
– City Wall: Upgrade city wall to increase HP.
– MP: MP is required to release magic.
– Guard Tower: Upgrade guard tower to help you defend the enemies.
– 3 Special designed Boss.
– 9 different bows with 3 upgrade chances.
– A wealth of powerful magic.
– More and more stronger enemies.

Unfortunately, the game’s graphics can be pretty pixelated when getting to a big screen device like a Prime or that nice 10′ Acer, so hopefully they’ll get an HD version of it to cope with that. The sounds tend to be a bit repetitive over a long gaming period, so don’t expect to get any difference in music or “hitting” sounds over time.

Finally, Magic Defender is available as a Free game supported with both game promoting ads and In-App Purchases. If you’re a fan of fast touching games and don’t mind farming to go through some hard levels, then this one’s for you.

Google Play Link: Magic Defender

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