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Hey everyone, we’ve hinted at this over the last month and even slipped a post in here and there about it. We have been growing so fast lately and with all the gaming news happening and game releases that it’s time to pick up a couple of people to join us here at Droid Gamers. So if you like talking and writing about games and gaming, read on…

We are looking for a couple of writers to jump on board to help us report on all the game and gaming news for Android. Droid Gamers first started only 2 months ago and since then we have grown fast, partially thanks to being the only site dedicated to games and gaming for Android when we started.

We continue to grow every day with more people visiting our site, joining in the conversations and giving their opinions about games. Why not take it to the next level and become a writer for Droid Gamers? Android is becoming the powerhouse it should be when regarding gaming and even the major gaming sites have yet to actually include Android sections putting us in a prime spot to be the best site for this genre of news!

What You Need:

  • An Android Phone (model doesn’t matter, G1’s to Incredible welcomed!)
  • Passion for games and gaming in general but for this site obviously regarding the Android OS
  • Be able to write at least 1 article a week (obviously more would be better)

Experience (preferred but not needed):

  • Some sort of writing experience.
  • Access to Paid Apps on the Android Market (Really beneficial but not mandatory)
  • Joomla Experience


By now you are probably wondering ” what’s in it for me? “…well let me tell you!

  • You’ll get free full games from developers to review!
  • You’ll get your own author bio with a link to your site
  • Down the road in the short future these will turn into paid positions
  • Creative outlet to speak about games and gaming for Android
  • You’ll also get other nifty little perks as they come our way such as products to reviews


Positions Available:

  • 2+ Writers (at least one dedicated to full game reviews)
  • Anything else you think we would need (Comic Artist for weekly comic strip? Someone dedicated to ranting about crappy games?)


We only focus on original content 90% of the time with the remaining 10% being general gaming information when regarding Android that is posted elsewhere if it’s relevant. We pride ourselves on being the first to break gaming news whether it’s a new release or a new product (example: Zeemote for Android, Game Gripper etc etc).

So what are you waiting for? Use our Tip Us! link at the top (red square with ! icon) or your can just click here to access the same form and send us an email telling us about you, your experience and whatever else you want us to know and if you fit the bill then you’re in! We will only be doing this for about a week so get in while you can! If you don’t want to use the form you can always email us directly: 702records [at] gmail [dot] com.

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