Droid Mini Golf

Wouldn’t you know it, I come back from taking a day off and find a whole bunch of good games released during my day off and Droid Mini Golf by Patchwork Games is one of those. It comes in three flavors: Free, Ad supported or Paid and if you get this game I highly suggest the paid version over the other two, it seems to be the best working one with much better game play and more features.

There really isn’t a whole lot when it comes to sports games for Android devices, and fewer still are actually good. I actually prefer mini golf over real golf when it comes to golfing games so this is quite the boon for me.

Droid Mini Golf includes four courses, tournaments which you can sign up for and world rankings which is great. What I would love to see is what Door-6 is doing with Vacuum which is offering cash prizes since it would totally fit the format of this game. Overall, you can’t go wrong with mini golf as a great way to kill time but as I mentioned earlier, definitely consider the $2.99 version over the other two to save yourself any headache that seem to be plaguing everyone who’s gotten the free or as supported version. See you on the course! If anyone wants to submit some tips for certain holes or entire courses, please feel free to contact me! Full credit goes to you plus a link to any website you may have.

Some extra updated features include smoother ball movement, improved UI and a beta release of some zooming and movement features.

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