Droid REALLY Does Games Now

Alright I know the whole title with Droid Does is getting played out now but I think for this little bit of news it’s fitting. Droid owners, have in the past, complained about the games and controls, especially when trying to use a D-Pad style button setup with your keyboard. Well there is a solution and for $15 you’ll get yourself a physical D-Pad for your Droid.

This handy little add-on turns your keyboard into a game controller style D-Pad to cure your button pushing woes, and the issue with the stock D-Pad being on the wrong side of the keyboard, when it comes to gaming. The Game Gripper moves your stock D-Pad to the proper side and on top of that adds a total of 8 buttons for you to use while gaming (should the game require that many).

Just slide the Game Gripper over your keyboard and away you go. Now judging from the look, it’s made of hard plastic so it may not be as gentle on your fingers as you’d like to be but for what it does, it’s great. Perhaps we will see this arriving for other phones in the future (a few designs are already in the works) that have physical keyboards. Not that I actually have a Droid but I still want to grab one of these and check it out. I’m sure developers will be equally pleased with less comments about D-Pad controls sucking.

Source: Engadget

Developer Website: Game Gripper

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