Dual analog stick gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 3 using DroidMote

If you’ve been following the site over the past month or two you’ve probably notices the odd article here and there about DroidMote and some of the different uses for this handy set of apps in terms of playing games. Well we have another great example, this time using the new DroidMote analog stick feature to play games like Grand Theft Auto 3.

As we have mentioned before, you will need two Android devices to pull this off. Preferably one is a tablet and the other a phone but it can be two phones or two tablets. Whatever device you want to control also need to have root which is where you will install the DroidMote Server. The DroidMote Client is installed on the device you want to use as the gamepad and does not need to be rooted. Once you have that done, you just map your keys and you’re off!

In this scenario though you are actually using a second analog stick to control the right-side buttons instead of tapping them. This can actually improve reaction time in certain games like Grand Theft Auto 3. Check out the video above to see it in action. The DroidMote Client is available for free while the server can be purchased off the Android Market for around $2.00.

Android Market Links: DroidMote Client | DroidMote Server

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