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Durango: Wild Lands has finally launched in the US! This is not a drill

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This is not a drill, folks! I repeat – this is not a drill! Durango: Wild Lands has finally launched in the US. We’re still too scared to say across the globe in case any countries are still lagging behind though.

If you haven’t heard of this it’s a brand new survival MMORPG that tasks you with forging an existence in a world full of dinosaurs. You’ll craft basically everything, from your equipment to the house you live in.

Durango: Wild Lands is a hit new survival MMORPG

Meanwhile, other players are doing the exact same thing. You can team up with them to take on challenging PvE content or against them in a variety of PvP modes.

You’ll also claim your own land on a variety of different islands, building yourself a little base of operations. It’ll start with a makeshift tent and sign and grow to a full on camp full of handy crafting equipment.

Durango: Wild Lands is all set to be one of the biggest Android games of the year, so it’s well worth checking out. You can grab it right now (finally!) on Google Play.

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