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EA is Working With a Chinese Partner to Create Mobile Apex Legends

EA has announced that it is working with a Chinese partner to create that highly-anticipated mobile version of Apex Legends.

We would be incredibly surprised if it wasn’t Tencent, who has already worked on PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, which contained a battle royale mode.

Apex Legends is Definitely Coming to Mobile… We Just Don’t Know When

Not only that, but Tencent has previously worked with EA to publish FIFA Online 4 and Need for Speed Online in China.

So the relationship already exists, and given that Tencent has worked with lots of western publishers to release mobile battle royales, it seems like a no brainer to work with them again.

We also know that the mobile version will launch across the globe. Other than that, we don’t know when it may release. You can bet we’ll keep you posted though.

Source: Dextero

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