Ear cleaning sim game Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR will be getting released for the West soon

There is a virtual reality game that will be showcased at the Anime Expo 2016 next week which is called Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR. This game is an ear cleaning simulation game featuring an anime female who, after a long day at work, offers you the ability to enjoy a virtual ear cleaning which will apparently relax you.

What’s… interesting… about this game is that there’s actually some actual audio technology behind this in order to simulate ear cleaning in a more realistic way. This is done through the use of stereophonic sound through binaural recording, which means that you’ll need a fairly decent headset to experience this. The whole game is just getting your ears cleaned in order to relax you. That’s it.

While this is a virtual reality game, since it is released onto Google Play, those of you who don’t own a VR headset that uses Android phones can still play this with nothing more than your device and a headset. However the developers suggest that the best experience will be through virtual reality.

For those of you curious about this, you’ll be able to pick up a copy off of Google Play on July 1st, 2016 for free. The non-English version is available right now if you can’t wait that long to have your ears cleaned… virtually that is. Definitely one of the odder games we’ve had the pleasure of coming across for VR. There’s a wonderful trailer below to check out as well.

Official Website: Nagomi’s Earcleaning VR

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