Early preview of Seantron’s cool upcoming game KidElectro

Seantron, who developed the hamster destruction filled game Hamsteria and the recently released Tweets of the Dead game, has just released a preview video of his next game called KidElectro. This particular game is actually a pretty interesting looking 3D flying arcade type of title that will be coming to OUYA and Android when it is finished.

Keep in mind that the gameplay footage in the video is pretty early, but even so it does look pretty interesting. There isn’t a whole lot of details about KidElectro just yet but judging from the video below, players will control their character as he flies through stages collecting orbs and passing through hoops with dollar signs in order to gain bonus money/points.

The level in the video gives us a glimpse into how the level layouts will look like and it gives you a sense of depth on all axis even through you’re just going left and right. Conceptually, KidElectro looks pretty damn cool and could be a hit if the finish product builds properly on what Seantron has already done.

Developer Website:SeanTron

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