Endermen – The new creepy enemy coming to Minecraft soon

We tend to cover all things Minecraft here at DroidGamers from time to time since it will be available for the Xperia Play. It will also be available for all Android devices roughly a month after the Xperia Play exclusive time frame. Markus Persson, Head Mojang man, has released a couple of screenshots of the Endermen, the new creepy mob coming to Minecraft.

While teasing people with these screenshots a couple days ago, Notch a.k.a Markus Persson, has released some more information about these rather creepy looking mobs that will be arriving in Minecraft with the Adventure update. These things are actually pretty creepy looking but it isn’t just their looks that can freak you out. If you look directly at them, they will freeze and look at you. When you look away after that they will come after you and they can run real fast. Oh, did we mention that they can teleport too? If you don’t look at them, they remain peaceful.

Aside from all of that, they can actually pick up blocks in the game as well as seen in the screenshot above. Overall they are pretty creepy which is exactly what Markus Persson is going for. It isn’t so much what you will have to do that makes things creepy but, according to Markus, it’s trying to avoid that thing from happening that makes it creepy. As a direct quote, he believes creepiness is: “more about trying to avoid something from happening than it is about actually having that thing happen. If you know something bad can happen if you do the wrong thing, you will start thinking about your actions, and that might make things more scary”.

As mentioned above, these new sentinel looking beings will be made available in the upcoming Adventure update that will also be apart of the Android Minecraft game as well.

Website Referenced: Destructoid

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