Enter our code in Hyperbees’ new game Voxel Rush and get a bunch of freebies

We’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Hyperbees in regards to their new game called Voxel Rush. After a long break from releasing games, Hyperbees is back and this new game is a rather cool but crazy looking 3D racing game but if you use our code you can ease up the insanity level just a bit.

There are a few interesting features regarding Voxel Rush. For starters you can have multiplayer duels in this game, challenging your friends to races to see who is the better skilled player. In fact for a racing game, there are a lot of features to fiddle around with.

Voxel Rush Features:

• Multiplayer duels. Prove yourself and win Credits from other players!
• Multiplayer challenges. The real thing. Compete with others and win free Credits! Just tap the multiplayer button in the main menu, select a challenge and race like you know no fear! The top five players in every challenge get free Credits.
• Show off! Race close to obstacles to get more points
• The more aggressive your racing, the more combos you get
• Achievements and leaderboards (Google sign-in required)
• Use tons of upgrades, power-ups and modules to race even faster!
• Get FREE Credits for inviting friends! Invite through Facebook, Google+ and email. Spread the word about this amazing free racing game!
• Share your best moments in the game and post your in-game pics on Google+ and Facebook! Show your friends what top racing means 🙂
• Collect powerful boosters like Invulnerability or Slow Motion
• Survive events like Total Collapse, Tunnel of Death or Crushers!
• Enjoy stereoscopic 3D mode (glasses required)
• Remove ads with purchase of any Credits or V$ coin-packs
• The Other World will blow your mind!

So what do you get when you enter our code? Well you’ll receive 20 experience doublers so you can progress through levels much quicker and 20 cash doublers which are rather self-explanatory. To redeem these goodies, here are the steps you need to take – In the game just go to Upgrades -> Store -> Reedem and enter in the code ‘droidgamers‘ without the quotes and you’ll get those rewards to use.

Voxel Rush is available to download off of Google Play for free.


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