Episode #3 of the Jetpack Joyride developer diary – Jetpack Joyride and You

Jetpack Joyride (formally known as Machine Gun Jetpack) is Halfbricks upcoming side-scrolling action game for Android and iOS. If you’ve been following the developer diaries we have been posting as well as the news, you should be getting excited already about this game.

In this episode of Halfbrick’s developer diary video series about Jetpack Joyride, some of the Halfbrick team talks about the leveling up system within the game as well as the upgrades system, character customization, stats and social features that will all be included in Jetpack Joyride. This game is quickly becoming one of their most anticipated titles that they have developed on any platform and has grown a lot in terms on content, especially recently which is why they changed the name.

So sit back and relax this Saturday morning and enjoy the video! Jetpack Joyride will be launched on iOS on Sept. 1st with the Android version following soon after.

Developer Website: Halfbrick

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