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EQQO, the Acclaimed VR Adventure Game Inspired by Ethiopian Mythology and ICO, is Free on Android

EQQO, Parallel Studio’s acclaimed “poetic narrative” adventure game inspired by Ethiopian mythology, is free for a limited time on the Google Play Store.

Originally released in 2018, EQQO sees you guiding the main character, a child called EQQO, through the eyes of his mother as he navigates a jungle temple environment.

The reason EQQO’s mother’s eyes are involved in the enterprise is that EQQO himself is blind, with a rag tied around his head. He’s carrying a giant ornate egg, too, so the situation could hardly be more perilous.

The gameplay involves solving environmental puzzles, manipulating the temple’s sleeping mechanisms, avoiding ancient traps, and dodging baddies.

There are 40 levels to explore in EQQO, and 25 hidden collectible scattered among them. EQQO normally costs $2.99, but you can nab it for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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