errorsevendev releases their newest physics-based puzzle game today called CELL 13

Our friends over at errorsevendev have announced that their newest game for Android, called CELL 13, is now available for download today. Unlike the other games errorsevendev have released, this time the visuals are all done in 3D instead of 2D thanks to the use of Unity3D, so there is a bit more of a unique twist to this particular release.

CELL 13 is a physics-based puzzle game that was actually inspired by the Portal series. Players will find themselves locked in one of 13 giant cells that you will need to escape from. Each cell will increase in difficulty, with the first one being simple, while the later ones being incredibly challenging. The more difficult cells are much longer and have a number of puzzles inside them to solve. However, it isn’t just you trying to escape, as you will have a robotic companion that will help you along the way named Chester.

CELL 13 Features:

• 13 large free cells featuring over 65 unique, challenging puzzles
• Ambient, atmospheric background music
• Beautiful graphics and a stunning surreal world
• Ultra smooth 3D graphics
• Easy to learn, very challenging to complete.
• Play offline, no wifi required.

Each cell will require players to think outside the box when trying to escape from it. You will need to use crates, balls, glass,  laser bridges, portals, and more in order to get out of each cell. However, it isn’t just about using each of the available items individually, and most of the time you will need to figure out how to use multiple items together. Everything is wrapped up in a more atmospheric sound track and there’s no time limit to any cell either, so you can take your time figuring out how to escape.

CELL 13 is available off of Google Play in two different versions. There is a free version that features optional IAPs, or the Pro version which can be picked up for $2.99. You can also check out some of the gameplay with the trailer below ahead of downloading the game.

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