Eve: Echoes Enters Open Beta on December 2 and You Can Pre-install Right Now

Eve: Echoes enters an open beta phase on December 2 on Android, and you can install it right now in select territories ahead of the servers opening. The servers will officially open on December 2.

If you haven’t heard of it, Eve Echoes is a mobile version of the classic PC MMORPG. It’s not a direct port, but it does offer similar gameplay.

Eve: Echoes Isn’t a Direct Port, but a Mobile Version Based on the Original

You’ll choose your own space life entirely. You can participate in ship combat, explore the galaxy, build up your own industry, or create a trading empire.

There are over 100 unique ships to collect and customise and a massive universe with over 8,000 star systems to discover.

You can join other players by forming alliances or corporations, depending on your goal. You can then fight together in PvP against over 100 people.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Eve: Echoes. The servers haven’t opened yet but you don’t have long to wait, with the open beta kicking off on December 2.

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