A New Everdale Release Possible After Supercell Hands Over Rights

Feature image for our Everdale release news piece. It shows a grassy landscape with two villager characters at work.

Village builder Everdale looks set to do what most deactivated mobile games have never managed, and rise again. Supercell confirmed the potential second Everdale release via its website, where the game’s original developer announced that it passed the torch onto a new developer, Metacore Games.

Everdale’s servers shut down at the end of October last year, though a large number of players were sorry to see it go.

A New Dev Steps Forward

Metacore, a Finland-based developer, is probably best known for its free-to-play casual puzzle game Merge Mansion, which has over ten million downloads on Google Play.

The new developer released its own statement on the acquisition and credited the game’s strong community as one of the things they appreciate about the existing title.

If you missed your Everdale fix since the shutdown, things look bright, but nothing is certain yet.

Metacore is hesitant to make any firm commitments to a full Everdale release again, with its statement asserting: “We can never make any promises on which game projects grow into live games and what form they will take – that’s up to our players to decide.”

An Idyllic Lost World

Everdale was a casual village simulator that let you build and maintain a small settlement. Villagers could work gathering resources and completing tasks, though as they could only focus on one task at a time, it was important to grow the village to maximize residents and workforce.

Villages formed part of a larger ‘valley’ with other player-controlled settlements. Rather than encourage PVP competition, Everdale incentivized players in a valley to work together to complete group tasks from which they would all enjoy the rewards. Very chill.

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