Eversoul Launch Kicks Off On Android, With Downloads Finally Available On Google Play

Feature image for our Eversoul launch news piece. It shows several Soul characters looking toward the sky, where a large structure, the Ark Metatron, is hovering.

Today marks the full Eversoul launch. The gacha strategy RPG launched officially at 2:00AM UTC for Android and iOS.

Published by Kakao Games, Eversoul is a strategy RPG which combines strategy, idle battles, and town-building. You can recruit characters, known as Souls, and put them to the test in battle. They each have different stats and skills, and you can place them in formations to maximize their effectiveness.

Another Eden

Eversoul takes place in Eden, a version of earth in the far future where humankind no longer exists. Instead, it is populated by beings called Souls, who are born from magical artifacts.

It’s not paradise in Eden though, as a great threat is putting the existence of the Souls in danger. An anomaly known as the Gate keeps appearing, which throws out terrible monsters into the world that threaten to lay waste to Eden.

That’s where you, the Savior, come in. The Soul Mephistopheles chooses you and brings you out of your ordinary life and into Eden, to lead the Souls to victory against the invading creatures before they bring about the end of the world. No pressure or anything.

There’s a big cast of characters, and lots of Souls to befriend. The game makes a big deal out of cultivating a good relationship with your troops. Discovering their true name is part of a Soul’s purpose, something they’re supposed to want more than anything, so this may factor in later on.

Trouble In Paradise

The Eversoul launch hasn’t been without a few issues, which we reported on yesterday. Despite the Eversoul release date looming, pre-downloads contained no data, which puzzled fans.

It also turned out that a single account would link to the pre-registration rewards. This means you can’t re-roll unless you want to lose your pre-registration rewards. This disappointed a few prospective players. We’ve covered the Eversoul pre-registration rewards story in more detail too!

If you want to check out the game for yourself, head on over to the official website.

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