Eversoul Pre-Registration Rewards Will Block Rerolling

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With the Eversoul launch around the corner, many players are wondering how Eversoul pre-registration rewards work. Luckily, the official developers for Eversoul have put together a handy FAQ section on the website. However, from how the Eversoul pre-registration rewards work, they make rerolling practically impossible.

The rewards that you will obtain by pre-registering are:

  • 1.1 Million Milestone – 100 Everstone
  • 1.2 Million Milestone – 100 Everstone
  • 1.3 Million Milestone – 100 Everstone
  • 1.4 Million Milestone – 100 Everstone
  • 1.5 Million Milestone – 100 Everstone

No Rerolls

Rerolling is a crucial part of gacha games as of late, with the process allowing players to try to pull a specific character, or weapon, multiple times. 

With the Eversoul pre-registration rewards being linked to one account, this means that you’ll miss out on the available pre-registration rewards if you end up rerolling. This feature means you’ll have to be extremely lucky on your pulls – which may not be appealing to many players.

This also means that you cannot transfer the pre-registation rewards to a new account. If you delete the account you pre-register with, you will lose all of the freebies.

Eversoul Pre-Registration Rewards – What Else Do I Need To Know?

While you should always pre-register in your region, Eversoul pre-registrations are global. This means that even if you register for the NA version of the game, it will still count for the Korean version, and the EU version too. Please keep in mind that future announcements or features may only be exclusive to specific regions at certain times.

If you don’t pre-register before the game launches, you will sadly miss out on all of the Eversoul pre-registration rewards. If you do miss out on these rewards, at least you can take part in the rerolling process! 

It’s important to note that the Eversoul pre-registration rewards won’t be the only freebies that will be available, as there will more than likely be future events.

If you want to pre-register before the game launches tomorrow, you can do so by visiting the game’s official website, or you can pre-register directly on Google Play.

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