Eversoul Q2 Roadmap Includes New Banners, Events, and More

feature image for our eversoul Q2 roadmap news, the image features a screenshot from the Q2 roadmap video with the character mephi acting as a news broadcaster as she showcases the upcoming characters in the game alongside their names and release dates, from left to right there is lizelotte, garnet, manon, soyeon, and claudia with the text "new soul releases in intervals of 3 weeks"

The Eversoul Q2 roadmap is here! The latest roadmap video goes over each event and a plethora of brand-new features due to arrive in the game in the coming months. Now, you can take a look at the video yourself, but this article includes all of the important bits!

100 Days Already!

Firstly we have the 100-Day Anniversary Free Summon Event that celebrates 100 days since the official launch of the gacha game. You can perform 10 free pulls every day for a total of 10 days from April 6. It’s important to note that you need to make sure you log in every day, as you cannot obtain the daily free reward if you miss said day.

New Souls to Collect

It wouldn’t be a gacha game without new characters to collect throughout a few months, so let’s take a look at them! Demon Lizelotte is due to be available from April 6, making her the first Soul you can obtain in Q2. The other upcoming Souls’ are:

  • Undead Garnet – April 27
  • Fairy Manon – May 18
  • Beast Soyeon – June 8
  • Angel Claudia – June 29

The brand-new Angel/Demon banner is available from April 6 alongside the Lizelotte banner. This banner has a 1.6% rate up and has a different mileage counter compared to the normal pick-up banners in the game. Additionally, there’s also Erika’s Alchemy Summons which requires double the amount of Everstones needed for the usual gem summons. However, after a total of 70 pulls, you can guarantee yourself the Soul you have chosen! This does cost 28k Everstones though, which will take a while to accumulate.

Eversoul Q2 Roadmap Events

Now, let’s have a look at the Eversoul Q2 roadmap for the events schedule. There are quite a few brand-new events that are due to start throughout this period of time so make sure you don’t miss out on the free rewards!

  • Everschool – April 6 to April 27 (free skins for Mephi, Linzy, and Claire)
  • Merry Happy Marry – May 4 to May 25 (free skins for Cherrie and Nini)
  • Evil Soul Subjugation – No release date as of right now
  • Waves in Forest of Monsters – No release date as of right now
  • Tower of Origin – No release date as of right now

New Content

Lastly, we have the further content changes that are due to release during the period of Q2. Battlefront 19 is due to be released around April when players can take part in Elite and Boss stages with 3 parties. 

There are also some changes to the PvP mode, Champs Arena – more information will be given about this in May. Battlefront Hard Mode and the brand-new Tower of Origin are also set for a May release before the next installment in the main storyline, which is due to come out in June!

For more information about the game, visit the official website or you can download the game on Google Play! If you’re looking for more Eversoul content, take a look at our Eversoul codes, Eversoul tier list, and our Eversoul guide.

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