Sneak Peek at Jumpy by OrangePixel

All you old school Super Mario Bros. game lovers who have been dieing for a platformer of similar style on your Android phone can now sleep peacefully at night because OrangePixel has heard your prayers. Jumpy is the name of the game and it will bring you back to the good ole days of Super Mario Bros games and you can now have an exclusive sneak peek of it before it’s released.

Luckily OrangePixel happen to be fan of the older Super Mario Bros games (who isn’t though) and so Jumpy has a lot of elements you will find familiar that you used to enjoy. Run through each stage collecting coins, jumping on enemies and finding hidden areas (including a hidden warp zone just like in Super Mario Bros games). Each world (4 in total so far) consists of stages as well and it is your job to get through each stage collecting as many coins as you can until you reach the finish line.

Controls consist of tilting the device side to side to move in either direction and tapping on the Jump button to..well…jump! The game can be very fast paced depending on how much of an angle you tilt your phone. Jumpy also uses, and I qoute:

“a low-resolution mode that I haven’t seen used in other Android games yet, giving it that great pixel retro look.”

While I haven’t actually seen this technique used either in any game so far on android, it does give it a great crisp pixel retro look and renders very fast as well. In fact the entire game itself only weights in at just under 500k in size. Jumpy comes with all the sounds you could want in a game like this as well. It also comes with dynamic level generation which means every time you play a level it’s slightly different which really gives this game a lot of replay value.

So for all you fans of platform games, especially if you enjoy the Super Mario style, keeps your eyes open for this to hit the market probably next week. You will want to get this game. We’ve got an advanced copy of this great game so expect more videos and a review coming soon!

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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