Exclusive unreleased screenshots and story for Jelly Wars, coming August 23rd.

We got a great tip about a game coming to Android called Jelly Wars by Star Arcade. Following this tip netted us a slew of unreleased screenshots and the background story behind this fun looking strategy game where you have to defeat your opponent in head-to-head combat.

Jelly Wars is a turn-based strategy/arcade game where you play as one Jelly and your job is to defeat the enemy Jelly. You can shoot, or catapult might be a better word, different types of jelly balls at your enemy. These explode which can knock your enemy around, do damage and destroy parts of the environment as well. You destory your enemy by shooting one of these exploding jelly balls at them and hitting them or by destroying the bar below them to make them fall. The closer your shot lands to your enemy, the more energy to take from them. You can also move around the level to get a better shot.

While certain details about Jelly Wars is still a mystery such as how many levels there are or if this can be played as a multiplayer game, we do have the official backstory to the game as well as a slew of screenshots that are unreleased. Until now Star Arcade had only released a couple of videos demonstrating the gameplay. The official story also gives us insight to a new social gaming community that looks to be arriving on Android which is the Star Arcade Gaming Community. You can also check the layout of the social gaming community that comes with Jelly Wars in the screenshots below.

Official story for Jelly Wars:

This is an age-old story of a treasure that caused a war, war that you can now continue.

Since the beginning of the planet Jelly, two tribes, red and blue, had lived in opposite sides of the mountain.  They lived peacefully, hardly even knowing of the other tribe.

Then one day, long time ago, they noticed a bright light in the sky. It grew bigger and brighter, so big that it lit up the whole sky. Finally the source of the light, a massive meteorite, hit the mountain, causing a huge light pillar. Both tribes sent their bravest soldier to find out what was causing the amazing glow. When the soldiers reached the top of the mountain, first the only thing they noticed was amazing, glowing treasure. Both soldiers declared that the treasure belonged to their tribe. The fight over the treasure turned into a war.

Years and generations passed and the war kept raging. Now you can take part! Join Star Arcade social gaming community and continue the ancient war, Jelly War.

Jelly Wars is set to release on multiple platforms including Android on August 23rd but unfortunately there was no information available about pricing. Until then though, enjoy the gameplay trailer above or the slew of screenshots below.

Thanks to the anonymous tipster!

Developer Website: Star Arcade


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