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Pokemon GO update brings multiple Pokemon transferring and more. Code hints at holiday costumes.

Another day, another Pokemon GO piece of news, or in this case, some news along with a game update. Niantic Labs has pushed out a new update that brings with it a few helpful new features for trainers to use. However, inside the game’s code, more goodies have been found, but this time it looks to be about holiday costumes coming to the game in another update before Christmas.


Nintendo’s Switch has its screen details leaked and it will have touch controls

You may remember the other week when Nintendo announced its newest gaming ‘console’ which is called the Nintendo Switch. Initial reports had this tablet-style game console, with detachable physical controls that form a game controller when put together, arriving without a touch screen. Now it appears that those reports are not true and, in fact, the Switch will have a touch screen.


Check out this leaked video of a Destiny-style game for mobile devices

Mobile gaming has been getting more and more advanced over the years, with games getting bigger, more in-depth, with multiplayer features and high-end visuals. Some are pretty much on point with PC and console games in most of those categories. So it isn’t surprising to find out that there is a video going around now of a very highly-detailed futuristic game being played on mobile. More to the point, it looks a lot like Destiny.


nVidia’s Tegra 4 “Wayne” chipset stats leaked, comes with five Cortex A-15 cores

Usually around this time we’ve already started hearing about the next version of the Tegra series of chipsets slated to arrive from nVidia. While the roadmap was leaked some time ago with Tegra 4, codenamed Wayne, arriving by the end of this year. Considering that there must have been a delay in the plans, we are just now getting information about Tegra 4 which means we could very well likely see it announced at CES 2013.


Rumored entire 2013 game line-up from Gameloft leaked already

The entire game line-up for Gameloft for the entire 2013 seasons has apparently been leaked along with the full names of upcoming games, screenshots for some of them, descriptions for most of the game and even a video or two showing the games in action. We got this news from one of the original sources of the leak but hesitated to post it last night as we watched other sites who mentioned this news turn around and take down the information of the leak.