End Of Service Dawns On Exos Heroes

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Exos Heroes released a note on the FLOOR community page today regarding the game’s end of service. The studio, Oozoo Inc, revealed that the RPG will be shutting down on May 11th. In the official statement, the developer dives into some of the reasons why the game is reaching the end of its life.

The post reads “There were continued concerns about the direction in which Exos Heroes was going, and ultimately, it was decided that it would be difficult for us to continue providing reliable services for the game.”

By looking at the Steam page, you can see that the community was largely unhappy with the studio’s post-launch development of Exos Heroes. Steam deemed the overall reviews, including the recent ones, as mixed. Diving into some of the reviews underneath the store page, as well as some comments made on a Reddit post, there seems to be a common theme.

A Community Split In Half

Oozoo Inc updated Exos Heroes in numbered seasons. In Season Five, the studio introduced an update that upset a good chunk of the fanbase, dividing the community.

The update itself changed up some of the game’s core mechanics. To provide a few examples, Season Five caused the redundancy of previous equipment, the nerfing of teams, and dragon fights becoming more difficult.

Exos Heroes brought out Season Five in 2021, nearly two years after the studio released the game. Oozoo Inc flipped a lot of what the playerbase had learned since release on it’s head. For this reason, it’s easy to understand the community’s frustration with the update.

The whole Season Five incident might be the “continued concerns” that the studio was referring to when announcing the end of service. However, we must emphasise that there’s no real confirmation of this. It’s just our speculation, so you should take it with a grain of salt!

Exos Heroes

Oozoo Inc, in collaboration with LINE Games, first released Exos Heroes in Korea in 2019. The game revolves around the grand adventure to search for the missing sword of the emperor, “Exestruk”.

Exos Heroes includes over 250 characters to collect, making the team building mechanic quite expansive. The community also praised the game for it’s impressive art style, as well as its fairytale-like aesthetic.

Check out Exos Heroes on Google Play while it’s still receiving service.

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