FAAD Now Includes Android

Free-App-A-Day, or FAAD for short, has been running for some time now giving away free iPhone games. Recently they have expanding to include iPad titles and also with this expansion now comes Android Free-App-A-Day. However to start off this will be limited to once a week until it builds up enough where it can be once a day like the iPhone.

You are probably wondering why we are reporting on this. Well first the free apps that are given away for the iPhone are often games so we can expect the same format for Android. Secondly, the first FAAD for Android is, you guessed it, a game!

“We have been inundated by requests to launch dedicated iPad and Android sites,” says Joe Bayen, FreeAppADay’s CEO.

“That’s why I am pleased to announce that we have gathered a line up of amazing premium apps which are guaranteed to please iPad and Android phone owners.”

This is great to see this kind of promotion not just for Android games, but for Android in general and will hopefully show soon-to-be developers that Android is growing fast and is a great platform to develop for as it gets included in more sites, especially those once dedicated to nothing but iPhone products. It’s happened in the past with the inclusion of Android Apps and Games over at and now FAAD.

You can check the Android version of FAAD, although kind of bare right now since there has only been one FAAD for Android, to get an idea of what it will look like and function. Also feel free to grab Android’s first FAAD which is Mobsters: Big Apple MMORPG.

You can follow FAAD via Twitter to keep track of all the free Android apps and games!

Website: Free-App-A-Day for Android

Source Referenced: PocketGamer

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