Day: 12 July 2010


FAAD Now Includes Android

Free-App-A-Day, or FAAD for short, has been running for some time now giving away free iPhone games. Recently they have expanding to include iPad titles and also with this expansion now comes Android Free-App-A-Day. However to start off this will be limited to once a week until it builds up enough where it can be once a day like the iPhone.


CPS2 Emulator

While Android already has a bunch of great emulators available for most gaming systems right down to the old school ZX Spectrum emulators and even a PS Emulator in the works, there isn’t a whole lot of systems left to cover. Capcom Play System 2 emulator, or CPS2 for short, now covers another system and is available in two versions depending on your screen resolution.


The Future!

Once in awhile I like to post about what is coming up for DroidGamers in terms of new features, our growth and anything else that pertains to that. I haven’t really done that in awhile and it is about that time. DroidGamers and the staff, TeamDG, have a lot planned for the future in both the short and long term and we also look for your input about the site.