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Once in awhile I like to post about what is coming up for DroidGamers in terms of new features, our growth and anything else that pertains to that. I haven’t really done that in awhile and it is about that time. DroidGamers and the staff, TeamDG, have a lot planned for the future in both the short and long term and we also look for your input about the site.

DroidGamers stands in a unique position because we are the only site truly dedicated to games and gaming on the Android platform. DroidGamers started because there was no real site dedicated to this area of Android aside from the occasional review here and there on other sites. We encourage developers to post in the forums about their new games, talk with gamers and be apart of the site. We try to promote game developers as well as gaming on Android because Android is a viable platform for gaming and there is no reason, without a few little improvements being made, that it can’t compete and surpass that of the iPhone/iPad.

We have a list of resources available for developers who are thinking about making the jump to Android or current developers looking for new tools to use to enhance their games. We will be adding tutorials as well for those who want to get started but don’t know exactly how to begin. While this site has a lot to offer game developers it is also dedicated to the user as well.

We want this site to be for everybody who either makes games or plays games whether it is just to read reviews and news or to jump in and express your opinions whether it is about a game or gaming news as well as suggest things like new features. Because we want this to be a community involved site, we have features that every user gets when becoming a member such as syndicating your own RSS feed(s) from your own site or blog for others to view in your profile, your own gallery and even display your recent tweets from your twitter account to name a few and we have more planned.

Enough about the history and current DroidGamers though, here’s some information about the future…

  • User accounts will soon have access to create your own blog. From time to time we will post blog articles from users if they are about Android games and gaming but feel free to post whatever you like in your blog. Blogs will also be promoted on the front page randomly.
  • Weekly Podcast will also be coming very soon where we will talk about games and gaming for Android from both a developers point of view as well as from the gamer end of things. Like most podcast we will have call-ins, contests and guests on the show.
  • More contests are on their way! We will always have some sort of contest or giveaway going during most months. Prizes will cover a wide ranges of items from swag to subscriptions and of course, free games! We have some big things planned for the very near future too!
  • More writers and contributors. We are always keeping our eyes open and looking for new members to join TeamDG whether it is as a regular staff member or just a person who is a guest contributor who submits an article once in awhile. Could be an editorial or a review or even just something Android gaming related in the news. Of course if you just want to send us a tip on some news, you can do that as well through the tips form. If you want to join the team, you can use the tips form as well to send in your application or email us directly at 702records [at] gmail [dot] com. You can find out more details about positions under our jobs listings page.
  • Our own gaming league/clan/guild, whatever you want to call. Everyone can be a part of it just by signing up or if you would rather show your support, just add a DG or [DG] to your name should you get a high score on a global high scoreboard. This will comes with perks too and we will have contests/giveaway at some point in the near future based around this.
  • Video Reviews are on their way as well. We already have a game video library which we are adding to all the time but we are planning to take it one step further and start doing video game reviews. Although we do encourage, at any time, both gamers and developers who can film gameplay video to do so and let us know about it so we can post them into our game videos library if we don’t have a video of a particular game just yet.
  • We have a few REALLY BIG UBER SECRET stuff planned for both the near and far future as well that we can not talk about just yet but you can bet that it will be fun for everyone.


As I mentioned in the beginning, we want the community to be involved as much as possible with DroidGamers so if you have any suggestions of features or opinions feel free to leave a comment or if you wish to contact us directly you can email us at 702records [at] gmail [dot] com or use the tip form. We are still relatively new (only 4 months old) but we have grown ridiculously fast and that is all thanks to you, the gamers and developers, for supporting us!

Excuse the big size of this post! It turned out to be a lot bigger then I had planned! Lastly, but certainly not the least, I’d like to take a second to officially welcome two new staff members to TeamDG, Jeremiah and Ian!

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