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While Android already has a bunch of great emulators available for most gaming systems right down to the old school ZX Spectrum emulators and even a PS Emulator in the works, there isn’t a whole lot of systems left to cover. Capcom Play System 2 emulator, or CPS2 for short, now covers another system and is available in two versions depending on your screen resolution.

Developed by jrioni, CPS2 has a slew of features to cover all your Capcom gaming needs including custom hotkey setups, WiFi Network play, multitouch support and a whole lot more. Now you can enjoy your favorite Capcom games on your Android phone. It has even been tested to run in conjunction with WiiMote for Android!


  • Custom Hotkey setup
  • Multitouch Support
  • WiFi Network Play (Ad-Hoc)
  • Create a game room for other players to join
  • Port Forwarding (should you need it)
  • Normal and HD versions


This emulator is constantly being updated as well so you can expect to get any questions you may have answered. I would suggest that, unless you have previous emulator experience, that you read/watch the tutorials before diving into this emulator. It is not hard to work but it could seem a bit overwhelming to anyone new to the world of emulators.

You can pick up both versions of CPS2 on the Android market right now. While the normal version will run you $2.99, the HD version (named CPS2HD) will set you back $4.99 which, if you are a fan of Capcom games, is a small price to pay. While we will have all the tutorials posted in our Tutorials section, we encourage you to check out all the documentation and some ROM links over at jrioni’s site.

We are still waiting to get our hands on the PS Emulator, the wait seems to be dragging on unfortunately.

Developer Website: Android CPS2 Emulator

ROM Compatibility List: CPS2emu Rom list (No idea how complete this list is)

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRCPS2.png{/rokbox} <– Normal version | HD Version –> {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRCPS2HD.png{/rokbox}

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