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Fallout Shelter Online is a gacha MMORPG sequel that’s exclusive to China… for now

Fallout Shelter Online Android

China is getting a full on sequel to Fallout Shelter and it’s basically a gacha MMORPG.

It features all of the fallout shelter building mechanics we’ve grown to love over the years, but with the addition of side quests to complete, heroes to collect, and lots of multiplayer.

You’ll explore a Fallout version of Boston as you take on a bunch of quests for a variety of NPCs. There are a bunch of heroes to unlock, which each have a rating that goes all the way up to SSR. We’re in full gacha territory.

Fallout Shelter Online features hero collection, quests, and the usual shelter building we already love

Also, just to be clear, you can no longer breed dwellers together. You get them exclusively from the gacha system now. You can also upgrade them using food and water in your shelter, and equip them with three pieces of gear.

You can take five of them into various different PvE quests with you. They’re basically a series of battles that play out automatically, with you tapping on heroes to use skills as soon as they’re recharged.

We’re not sure how the multiplayer works though, as we’re yet to see any gameplay of it. You can learn more about the game by checking out MMO Culture’s full reveal, and we’ve included a trailer of their play through above.

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