Fans of Rayman rejoice! The orginal Rayman has been released on to Google Play

Released by Ubisoft, the classic platformer Rayman has just been released on to Android. Players will assume the eponymous role of Rayman himself. He is seeking to redeem something of great importance, that has been stolen from his homeworld.

Rayman’s world depends upon its cosmic energy being kept in balance by the Great Protoon. Its orbit houses the living balls of energy known as the Electoons.

The game’s antagonist, Mr. Dark, has stolen the Great Protoon, and captured all the Electoons that scattered as a result. Rayman must recapture all of these things in order to restore the balance to his homeworld. While Ubisoft hasn’t provided much in terms of detail, they claim that the game is “adapted to mobile”; they do stipulate on the game’s Google Play page that there is a “casual mode” that includes infinite lives. They also go on to mention that the game “supports gamepad”. Given that the page appears to have been copied and pasted over from iTunes, I’m not sure what exactly to make of that, but hopefully it is indicative of native support for hardware controllers.

Rayman Classic Features:

• Embody Rayman, your favorite hero born in 1995
• Rediscover the fantasy cartoon worlds of the original game: The Dream Forest, The Band Lands, The Blue Mountains, The Candy Castle…
• Run, dodge, jump, punch your way through the various levels of this classic platform game.
• Unleash Rayman’s special powers from the telescopic fist to the helicopter and defeat hostile creatures.
• Seek Out & Free the Electoons to complete each level and restore the cosmic balance.
• Help iconic and funny side characters in each world: The fairy Betilla, Tarayzan, Joe the extraterrestrial.
• Defeat each and every boss (Moskito, Mister Sax, Mr Dark…) in epic showdowns to free your friends.
• Beat the Hardcore mode with one single life or choose the Casual mode for infinite tries. 

Rayman Classic can be found on Google Play for a flat fee of $4.99. You can check the game out ahead of time with it’s trailer below.

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