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Farm Punks is a crazy farming game by Noodlecake up for pre-registration right now

Farm Punks Android

Farm Punks is a really difficult game to describe, which is often the sign of a good game. Well, a fresh one at least.

You’ll basically build your own fruit farm, which is perched precariously on top of a mountain.

If we’ve understood the Google Play description properly, you’ll fire your fruit out of a cannon then direct it to places where you can sell it.

Farm Punks sounds absolutely insane. We can’t wait to play it

The fruit is sentient, allowing you to drive it to nearby locations. You have to make it to the destination before the fruit expires to make money.

There are 30 different trees to unlock and over 80 different playable fruits. You’ll fire them over a wide variety of biomes too.

You can spend any money you make on new vehicles, a bigger orchard, and cannon upgrades. That should give you plenty of reason to play.

We hope we’ve described this zany experience properly, but it might be one that’s best experienced for yourself.

If you’re sold, you can pre-register for it right now on Google Play. That way you can grab it as soon as it’s available on May 30.

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