Farm Simulator 14 official release date announced, coming to Android on November 18th

Back near the end of September we reported on the rather popular farming simulation franchise Farm Simulator and that the newest installment into the series would also be making an appearance on mobile devices when it is released next month. When we first reported on this game coming to Android, we didn’t know any sort of exact release date but today the official launch date for Farm Simulator 14 has been announced.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Farm Simulator 14 is a hardcore farming simulator has players doing a multitude of activities included things like sowing seeds with your tractor, growing your crops and eventually harvesting them, selling those crops for money and so on. You’ll have plenty of tractors and other farm equipment at your disposal as well.

There is one additional feature we didn’t know about when we first reported on this gaming coming to Android as well and that this multiplayer. Farm Simulator 14 will come with an open world multiplayer mode that will let you play with friend via Wifi or Bluetooth.

So when can we expect Farm Simulator 14 to arrive and be available for download? This game is slated for release onto Google Play on November 18th, 2013. As for pricing, no word on that just yet. This is a tablet-only game, at least when it is initially released.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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