Day: 31 October 2013


Kairosoft finally releases their farming sim game Pocket Harvest internationally on Google Play

Back in July of this year we talked about a Kairosoft game themed around farming that had made an appearance on the Japanese Google Play store. Usually Kairosoft takes about a month or so to get the game out internationally after it appears on the Japanese Google Play store. For whatever reason this one took a bit longer but Pocket Harvest is now available for everyone to sink their time into.


Ratchet & Clank will be getting their own endless runner soon called Before the Nexus

The Ratchet & Clank franchise will be getting a new endless runner addition soon with a game called Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus and it looks pretty damn good. Even though we already have a ton of these types of games, most of them are pretty cookie cutter from each other. This particular one looks pretty different and the impressive looking visuals certainly help with that.


Ingress jumps ship from closed beta status to open beta

Google’s in-house studio NianticLabs has finally taken the jump, changing their location-based MMO Ingress from closed beta status to an open beta one. So what exactly does this mean? It means you don’t have to wait for an invitation in order to grab this rather in-depth game. Instead you can head over to Google Play and snag yourself a copy of Ingress right now for free without the need for an invite from a friend.

Farming-Simulator-14- android-game

Farm Simulator 14 official release date announced, coming to Android on November 18th

Back near the end of September we reported on the rather popular farming simulation franchise Farm Simulator and that the newest installment into the series would also be making an appearance on mobile devices when it is released next month. When we first reported on this game coming to Android, we didn’t know any sort of exact release date but today the official launch date for Farm Simulator 14 has been announced.