Zombie action hero versus brain-stealing aliens in The Incredible Corpse, coming this November

Usually when we play a game with zombies in it we are trying to survive some sort of apocalypse that happened to occur and we need to mow down as many of them as well can in the process. However there is a slightly different type of game featuring a zombie heading our way next month called The Incredible Corpse by Eyes Wide Games.

Instead of having to kill a plethora of undead mindless zombies in an attempt to survive for as long as possible, players in this game will actually be playing as a zombie action hero who is trying to save the world from brain-stealing aliens. Why should a zombie care about brain-stealing aliens? Because brains are a good part of a zombie’s diet.

Eyes Wide Games has this pegged as a level-based stealth action game where players will also have to solve puzzles while kicking alien asses all over the place. Ironically, as you’re saving mankind and getting their brains back, you get to occasionally munch on a little bit of human delicacy here and there.

This game will be an episodic series with the first six chapters arriving near the end of November 2013. Chapter 1 will be available for free at launch while chapters 2-6 will be available for an in-game purchase of $4.99. Eyes Wide Games also plans on releasing additional chapters every few months. Interestingly enough, the company also has a Kickstarter campaign going right now for those of you who want to help support future development and new features. Even if the Kickstarter fails though this game is coming to Android at the end of November.

Kickstarter Campaign: The Incredible Corpse

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