Fatal Fury ACA NeoGeo Brings Another Classic Fighter to Mobile

The latest release in the ACA NeoGeo series brings yet another classic kick-puncher to your fingers. This time round it’s Fatal Fury, the SNK arcade gem from way back in 1991. How many of you were even born back then?

The game set the tone for pretty much all of the SNK brawlers that followed. You get to pick one of three different characters, then smack your way through a series of one-on-one scraps.

It’s not as nuanced as the games that came after it, but it introduced the likes of Terry Bogard. He’s pretty cool. He wears a gilet nowadays. Not back then, though.

The game comes with all the usual ACA NeoGeo tweaks, from visual options to customizable virtual controls. Plus the bad guy is called Geese Howard. That’s just a great name.

You can click here to download Fatal Fury ACA NeoGeo from the Play Store right this second. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $3.99 to give it a go.

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