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Felix The Reaper Developer Kong Orange is Hoping to Release an Android Version

Felix the Reaper, Kong Orange’s popular PC and console puzzler, has just arrived on iOS in the form of a tweaked and smartphone-optimised version.

Alas, there’s no Android port yet, and none has been officially announced. We’ve reached out to Kong Orange to find out what’s going on, but in the meantime we’ve dug up a partially encouraging morsel on Twitter.

Check it out.

Admittedly that’s pretty weak sauce as far as news goes, but it’s something. Hopefully we’ll get a reply from the man himself. 

Felix the Reaper is a challenging and visually arresting puzzler in which you have to help the eponymous “hero” kill humans while trying to attract the attention of Betty the Maiden.  

It’s available on PC and iOS, and hopefully it’ll be on Android one day too.

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