Final Fantasy Tactics is on sale right now on Android

Final Fantasy Tactics Android

It’s not often that Square Enix drops a sale on us but Final Fantasy Tactics is going for 70% off right now, courtesy of Google Play’s Cyber Week.

The game is still pretty pricey at around $5 but ask any fan and they’ll tell you that it’s a must play for the genre.

Final Fantasy Tactics is an SRPG set in the Final Fantasy universe

This is a SRPG rather than a JRPG, the latter of which most entries in the franchise are. As such, battles are far more strategic and involve a bunch more units.

If you’ve ever played the likes of Fire Emblem you’ll know what to expect here. You’ll take turns moving your units around an arena, strategically murdering everything in your path.

So head on over to Google Play and grab Final Fantasy Tactics right now at an absolute steal. At around $5, there’s an awful lot of game here.

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