Final Freeway bringing old school arcade racing to your Android phone

Want to play a racing game on your Android phone but feel like getting back to your old school arcade roots? I’m not talking about some black and weird off-white color hand held system but the arcade units you used to sit down in with a steering wheel that usually didn’t fully work and a shifting knob that just flopped around half the time.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot to choose from on the Android Market if you are wanting that type of racing game. One development company from Japan called Oyatsukai has released a new game onto the market that fills that void though. Final Freeway sports the old school 16-bit style graphics and quick racing style those arcade games used to have.


  • 8 Different stages to be played in 2 course or just 1 big stage
  • Old school racing graphics and point-of-view racing
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Support for almost every Android screen resolution
  • 3 Original soundtracks


While lacking in the crappy steering wheel or limb shifter know department, Final Freeway does bring back the style of gaming racing used to be, before all the 3D graphics, precise physics and tons of upgrades to your cars. Hell it even features repeating structure graphics just like back in the day!

You can pick up Final Freeway off the Android Market for $1.25 and there is no free lite version to try out.

Developer Website: Oyatsukai

Direct Market Link: Final Freeway

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