Solo Dev’s Action Adventure Final Nation Is Looking Great

Feature image for our Final Nation news piece. It shows an in-game screen with the character moving around a pile of boxes and avoiding bear trap enemies.

A video of Final Nation, an in-development game by a solo developer dropped recently. We’re pretty intrigued about what this project has to offer!

In Final Nation, you take on the role of Hopper, a toy soldier taking on an evil mining power. The shady Red Star set up a secret search for the powerful crystal called Earthlight, and undoubtedly has some dastardly plans for it.

A Toy Solider On A Mission

Hopper must venture deep into the mines, around the many hazards you’d expect from major industrial efforts, and a few that you might not. Mud golems, giant snakes, and bouncing beartraps are all in a day’s work.

The gameplay video gives a simple premise in an impressively complex world. Your character moves around a densely populated world. You’ll find props, enemies, and falling pieces of scenery you can walk on.

There are also plenty of explosives, with a mechanic that lets you place bombs, and missiles flying through the air.

Arcade Vibes With Pretty Visuals

Despite the business of the levels, the movements seem pretty simple. You move around on a grid-based format, in a way that harks back to games like Q*Bert and Frogger. Like those classics, timing becomes a major factor to avoid finishing your run in pieces.

The developer has stated plans for an Android release alongside iOS, PC, and consoles. There’s no firm date for when to expect the release, and it’s worth keeping in mind that the game is the work of a single developer, so we might need to be patient before it’s ready to pick up.

Still, if you’d like to check out the game, or give the developer some encouragement with their project, you can check out the official website, and developer’s Twitter.

If you’d like something you can pick up and play right now, check out our feature on the best new Android games this week.

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