First Hero is a time-hopping strategy-MMO, out now

It’s always an interesting exercise to pit various historical figures against each other in battle and try to work out who would come out on top. Could Nefertiti take King Arthur? Would Helen of Troy crush Xiang Yu? Sadly we’ll never know for sure.

Except now we can thanks to First Hero, Webzen’s latest strategy MMO. Like a sort of time-travelling Lords Mobile, First Hero lets you summon and command heroes from all around the world, several different historical periods, and the world of fiction as well as historical reality. That’s a pretty deep pool of talent.

Every hero has their own skills, as well as strengths and weaknesses. You’re not bound to just one, either – you can build an army of these heroes, ensuring that you make the most of their particular profiles. 

The game is set across a vast map, divided up into domains. Your goal is to conquer these domains and hold as much territory as you can.

This means defeating other human players, but it also means joining them in alliances. The multiplayer goodness you’d expect in a Webzen title is present and correct. 

My hero

There’s an impressively diverse stable of heroes to collect, and not all of them are blockbuster figures. You may even learn something about the histories of other cultures – and your own culture too for that matter. 

Along with collecting, equipping, and upgrading heroes you’ll need to keep your city working at maximum capacity by upgrading your castle and other buildings, training units, and so on. 

On the battlefield, meanwhile, you’ll need to put your army-building and strategy-devising genius into practice if you want to stand a chance of expanding your territory and accumulating those all-important ranking points from PvP and alliance vs alliance skirmishes.

Or, if the multiplayer rat race gets to be a drag you can carry on with the single-player Adventure, amassing more loot and XP, or trade gossip and tactics with other players through chat. 

Download First Hero for free on Google Play right now.

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