Webzen pushes out a large content update for their MMORPG called MU: Origin

Webzen today has pushed out a decent sized content expansion for their mobile MMORPG called MU: Origin. This update brings with it a new Companion System, new wings tiers for you wing fanatics out there, and other goodies more in-tune with the holiday season. This is actually the second part to November’s update which added the new Magic Knight class to the game.

The Companion System allows players to form a companionship with another, almost like a marriage system but one that comes with new buffs for each character within the companion. You can then grow and gain strength together in a variety of new activities, receive Companion Buffs and take on the new Companion Dungeon. There’s no class requirements or anything like that, so you can be a companion with any of the classes in the game regardless if it is the same as your own.

Along with the new Companion System, there is also new Roch and Griffin Souls. These enable a player with tier 6 wings or above to unlock their ‘wings’ potential’. This basically means enhancing them even further past your current tier. Wings are now upgradable up to tier 12, and if you play this game then you know that is a big increase to your Combat Power.

Along with the above additions comes Transmutation, a new feature that will allow you to enhance their tier 10 equipment to even greater levels, sort of like the new Wing system upgrade but for armor and weapons. Transcending the tiers normally available, tier 11 equipment can now be crafted.

Rounding the update out are the new holiday-themed events, such as daily giveaways and other special events. You will be able to collect different holiday-themed items through various activities in-game and exchange them for rewards. All players who log into MU: Origin between December 20th and December 31st will also get a Christmas present that contains: Epic Pet Ticket x3, Condor’s Flame x10, Condor’s Feather x20, Rainbow Feather x3, and Gold Spark x1.

The update is now live and can be downloaded at any time. If you want to check this game out for the first time, MU: Origin is available for free off of Google Play.

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