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First Strike: Classic Is a ‘Refreshed and Optimised’ Version of the Acclaimed Strategy Game, Coming to Mobile Next Week

Developer Blindflug Studios has announced a “refreshed and optimised” version of its classic nuclear war-themed strategy game First Strike: Final Hour, and it’s coming to the Google Play Store next week.

The remake – called First Strike: Classic – will add new AI behaviours and a redesigned user interface, and it will replace the existing versions of First Strike: Final Hour on Android, iOS, and PC free of charge.

First released in 2014, First Strike is an innovative and polished strategy game in which you need to outnuke your opponents on a spherical map. There are 12 nuclear superpowers to choose from, including the US, Russia, and North Korea, plus 12 different rockets to mount your nukes on.

First Strike is a fast-paced strategy game with solid reviews, a cabinet full of awards, and a huge playerbase. It’s also really good.

According to Blindflug, First Strike: Classic will serve as the basis for future updates, with expansions planned for this summer.

You can download First Strike: Final Hour for $1 right now on the Google Play Store and wait for it to magically turn into First Strike: Classic on the 10th, or you can just wait for the 10th.

Eitherway, this is where you need to go.

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