From the makers of Asteroid Defense comes Krafteers – Tomb Defenders

Deonn Games has released another title onto Android in the Defense genre although this time it isn’t in space. Called Krafteers – Tomb Defenders, this is actually more of an RTS game then a defense title considering you have to gather resources among other things with some defense gameplay mechnics in it.

The game has you needing to build a fortress to defend yourself against some mysterious evil. You will need to collect supplies, build tools and weapons and construct a fortress to defend yourself in. Each map that you can play on is actually an island that is dynamically generated each time to start a game. This does mean that no two game are exactly alike.

Karfteers Tomb Defenders Features:

– Awesome graphics
– Great gameplay, develop your own strategy and tactics
– Dynamic world
– Level entities are randomically generated
– Multiplayer mode

Controls are pretty much just tapping everywhere to collect resources and craft items. Once you craft an item it can be placed anywhere that is open by dragging it from the crafting menu to the open spot where you want the item to go.

There is another interesting feature to this game and that is multiplayer. In the free version two people can play a multiplayer game while the full will let more people connect. One player has to host the game and the rest either have to be connect to the same lan to discover the game or have the exact IP address of the host device to connect over the internet. Either way you will need to be on WiFi to play multiplayer.

Krafteer – Tomb Defenders is available for download off of the Google Play store for free to try out. It comes with one map and limited multiplayer. The full version is available through an in-game purchase for only $0.99 which unlocks all levels, all enemies, all items and unlimited multiplayer (as in an unlimited amount of people can join a game).

Thanks to Artem for the heads up!

Developer Website: Deonn Games

Google Play Link: Krafteer – Tomb Defender

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