Fruit Ninja will be getting its own movie soon

It looks like Fruit Ninja will be heading in the same direction as the Angry Bird franchise has recently done by getting it’s own movie. The Angry Birds movie has actually done well for itself since its theatrical release last week, and so this has strengthened the resolve to make a movie about Fruit Ninja.

So what exactly will this movie entail? Talking fruit? Floating swords slashing at the talking fruit? Well it will be a live-action comedy movie which will be produced by Tripp Vinson, in partnership with Halfbrick of course. It will feature ninjas cutting fruit, or at least that’s what the current rumor is about this movie.

This is about as far as Fruit Ninja the movie should go

While Angry Birds characters have personalities and a franchise built on beating the hell out of itself with various off-shoots of the original game and a ridiculous amount of related merchandise, Fruit Ninja has… well… fruit. How this movie plays out is beyond me and the fact that it’s even being made scares me about the future of cinema as a whole. What do you think about the prospect of a Fruit Ninja movie on the way?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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