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Bandai Namco partners with Sony Entertainment to bring us a Pixel mobile game

Bandai Namco has announced that they have partnered up with Sony Entertainment to produce a mobile game based off of the Pixel movie. For those of you not familiar with what Pixel is, essentially this is a live-action movie with a video game theme to it. Basically aliens misinterpret old video feeds showing video game footage as a declaration of war and attack Earth, taking the form of video game characters when they attack.


Paramount releases an official Star Trek companion app for upcoming movie

Paramount Digital Entertainment have released a new companion app for their upcoming Star Trek movie. Simply called the Star Trek App, this application will let you join Starfleet as one of the characters from the Star Trek universe and begin to work on rising them up in the ranks of Starfleet through various activities. You’ll also be treated to exclusive content regarding the upcoming movie that you can unlock and even win prizes.