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Frustrated Agricola Players Will Have to Pay Again for Agricola Revised Edition

Fans of the strategic board game Agricola on mobile will have to pay for the game again after the original was removed from the Google Play Store and Agricola Revised Edition appeared in its place. 

The mobile version of Agricola was originally published by Playdek, but the rights now belong to Asmodee. This may be good news for the game in the long term, but players have expressed dismay at being left out of pocket, with their progress erased. 

Writing on the Touch Arcade forum, user Gwarmaxx vented their frustration in uncompromising terms: “a lot of years in this universe and still don’t understand software houses that insist on this dirty moves!!”

Consumer irritations aside, Agricola is an acclaimed boardgame with a brace of industry awards under its belt. You can download it right now for $4.99.

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