FTL-Esque Space Roguelike Crying Suns is Coming to Android This Month, New Trailer Revealed

Crying Suns, the space strategy game inspired by FTL, is coming to Android in June.

Developed by Alt Shift and published by Humble Games, Crying Suns is a tactical roguelike in which you travel between solar systems trying to survive various interstellar catastrophes in the form of random events. 

While FTL is a clear inspiration, Crying Suns is the more elaborate and ambitious game, with elements of RTS and an overarching story involving the sudden collapse of a 700-year-old space empire. 

It borrows from Dune, too, not least in its use of gigantic sand worms. All of which makes it an extremely enticing prospect on mobile. 

Crying Suns is already available on PC, and it’s coming to Android on June the 25th. 

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