Humble Bundle Brings FTL-Inspired Space Roguelike Crying Suns to Android

Humble Bundle, the charity bundle retailer turned game publisher, has just launched Crying Suns on Android, its first title for the platform. 

Heavily inspired by FTL, Crying Suns is an indie space roguelike in which you have to survive a series of chance-based encounters in the silent interstellar void. It expands on the premise, however, with a more developed story component and more strategy. 

There are more than 300 story events to experience, as well as some rich tactical gameplay. Plus, sandworms. 

Crying Suns costs $8.99 on the Google Play Store, making it significantly cheaper than the PC version, which costs $24.99. All future updates will be free, too, making Android an attractive destination for the Crying Suns-curious. 

You can grab Crying Suns on Google Play right now.

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