G5 Entertainment bringing their games to Android starting June 30th

G5 Entertainment have been making casual games for quite a few platforms over the last little while including PC, Mac, and iOS devices. Well they are gearing up to start their casual game invasion onto Android now with a total of 5 titles that will start making it onto the android Market beginning June 30th, 2011.

Two of their upcoming titles are puzzle games called Mahjongg Artifacts and Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2 while the remaining three are more casual time management games called Stand O’Food, Supermarket Mania and Success Story. All three time management games are themed around food. Android gamers who really like casual games will be drawn towards the last three for sure. Here is the official rundown of each game:

Mahjongg Artifacts: Escape from the rush of modern life into immersive ancient atmosphere of Mahjong Artifacts! Three game play modes will take you through five exotic cultures as you enjoy music tracks inspired by ancient melodies.


Mahjongg Artifacts – Chapter 2: Takes tile-matching games in an exciting new direction! Pair up tiles to dismantle hundreds of layouts. Gather pearls for purchasing special powers, utilize a selection of ground-breaking powerups, earn trophies, and enjoy the game’s beautiful graphics and rich audio.


Supermarket Mania: Is a highly addictive casual time management game with millions of players on iOS, PC and other platforms. Running a grocery store can be a lot of fun! Help Nikki keep five stores stocked to the rafters with the provisions customers want, and show your adversary what a little hometown pluck can do!


Stand O’Food: Is an original, fast-paced restaurant challenge. Feed a host of hungry patrons before they leave in a huff! Slap together burgers and cook up some bacon as quickly as you can!


Success Story: Slap together burgers for hungry customers, serve French fries and desserts, and keep the line moving in this arcade time management game!


Every one of these games has seen some decent level of success on each platform they have been released on so far so their Android versions should be equally popular. However, all of these games won’t be available June 30th, that is just the date that we should see them start rolling out onto the Android Market. All games will be Freemium based games which means you will get the actual game for free with content and items that can be unlocked through in-game purchases. You can check out the trailer for all 5 games below as well as see some more video footage of Supermarket Mania over on our YouTube Channel.

Developer Website: G5 Entertainment

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